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Secretly Improve POCKETALK English Conversation Skills 2

Secretly Improve POCKETALK English Conversation Skills 2

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A lesson video
where you can practice and check English pronunciation using the AI ​​interpreter POCKETALK
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POCKETALK Utilization Point

POCKETALK translates the Japanese spoken into English and is suitable for language learning because it can understand text and pronunciation.

  • You can easily learn the expression you want to know, not a fixed expression in the textbook.
  • You can check for yourself if you can speak English with the correct pronunciation using a POCKETALK.
  • You can practice thoroughly until you are satisfied with yourself.

Operating environment and attention

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  • Sneak improvement POCKETALK English conversation technique

    Lesson content (60 minutes)

    Lesson0 Guidance

    • guidance

    Lesson1 Greetings

    • Morning greeting
    • Daily greeting
    • Thank you
    • Averaging
    • Celebrate
    • Listen, re -say
    • Column -Pocketard Center for words books

    Lesson2 Conversation with the first person I meet

    • Make a self-introduction
    • Talk about your profession
    • Listen to the other person
    • Column- "With foreigners
    • About "Icontact" ~

    Lesson3 Let's talk a lot with foreigners ~ When I'm in Japan

    • Call out to people in trouble in the city
    • Talk to the first -time person at a restaurant
    • Are you doing SNS? (Listen, accept, refuse)
    • Let's go to a meal! Accept the invitation, refuse
    • Column -How to hit Aizuchi-

    Lesson 4 Tips for Talking

    • About family
    • About work
    • About hobbies
    • About the previous schedule (future)
    • Column -Questions should not ask too much ~
  • Secretly improving POCKETALK English conversation technique 2

    Lesson content (60 minutes)

    Lesson0 Guidance

    • guidance

    LESSON1 Ponalnic Training

    • Practice English words to POCKETALK and warm up

    Lesson2 Story Training (listening / speaking / writing)

    • Training with "Red Riding Hood"
    • Find training materials on the Internet

    Let's post English on Lesson3 SNS
    Lesson4 English diary (listening / speaking / writing)
    Lesson 5 Status Explanation Practice for each person
    At the end of Lesson6

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