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POCKETALK uses the most suitable engine for each language and always uses the latest engine on the cloud for translation. This approach has led to translation accuracy that has been recognized by native language instructors. Additionally, communication costs are included in the main unit price,  eliminating the need for a separate line contract.  There's no requirement for Wi-Fi or other specific settings; the device can be used immediately.

  • Highly functional and compact High-end model
  • Easy translation function just by pressing the button
  • Camera translation function that translates captured text
  • Convenient pronunciation practice function for language learning
  • AI conversation lesson function (English and Chinese)
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  • Interpretation function

    • Easy operation just by pressing the button

    Just press the button and talk to the translation result by voice. Language settings can be easily done by voice operation.
    The translation result is also displayed in text, so even if you miss it, you can show it to the other party.


    • Compatible with 74 languages ​​around the world

    Pocketalk is translated to voice and text in 74 languages, and only 11 languages.
    You can communicate in a total of 85 languages, including English and Chinese, but also Russian and Portuguese dialects.

    Compatible language list
  • Pronunciation practice function

    • Language learning at Pocketalk

    You can practice pronunciation using the text in the translation history.
    In addition to the correct judgment, it is easy to understand which words with different pronunciation are displayed in the red and which pronunciation should be improved.
    It can be used not only in English, Chinese, but also in all compatible languages ​​of Pokeet talk.

    POCKETALK learning method
    • High quality pronunciation

    Pocketalk adopts the best engine for each language, so it achieves natural pronunciation.

    (As a result of the absolute evaluation of 879 people who have used translated products, services, and apps in their absolute evaluation. April 2022, in -house research)

  • Text translation function

    • Camera translation function

    When shooting characters with the camera mounted on the POCKETALK, 56 languages ​​are automatically recognized and translated, and displayed on the screen.
    Even if multiple languages ​​such as English are displayed together, they can be recognized and translated as each language.
    The translation result can be confirmed again from the history.


    • Convenient when ordering at a restaurant or using transportation

    You can check the details by tapping the part you want to read. Furthermore, in 46 languages, pronunciation in the original language can be pronounced, which is convenient when ordering at a restaurant or using transportation.

  • AI conversation lesson function

    For those who use POCKETALK for learning, the practice function of English conversation and Chinese conversation is installed.
    If you answer the other person's question in that language, AI will return the answer.


    • The answer changes depending on the content

    For example, if you are immigration, the purpose of entering the country is individual.
    Depending on the answer here, you can practice in advance for real conversation because it is an AI that responds according to the content, such as ending without entering the country.


    • Practice conversations in various scenes

    Includes many lessons, focusing on phrases often used overseas, such as when interacting on an airplane or getting lost. You can practice real conversation.

  • Easy to select a translated language

    You can choose a translated language not only from the list, but also by voice.
    If you do not understand the language of the other party, there is a mode where you can choose from the flag.

  • Equipped with microphone and speakers that can be used in crowds

    A microphone equipped with noise and cancellation function and a large speaker are used to be used in crowds. The convenience of dialogue while using a smartphone is also popular. You can also use external speakers and earphones with Bluetooth connection.

  • You can also adjust the brightness and character size

    Not only the volume, but also the brightness and character size of the screen can be changed according to your preference.

  • Register frequently used phrases to your favorite

    Frequently used sentences can be registered to your favorite, and you can call and play at any time.

  • Automatic display of local time

    The newly installed lock screen automatically displays local time and time in front of the country (region).

  • Medal function that enhances the fun of using

    The country, the number of translations, the number of translated languages, the Wi-Fi connection performance, the performance results, etc. are automatically recorded, and the medals are displayed according to the achievement of each. The country you visit will be displayed on the map.

  • The translation result of the POCKETALK is stored not only in the main unit but also in the POCKETALK center on the cloud in real time and can be displayed in a browser. If you use a POCKETALK at a meeting with overseas, you can copy the history from the POCKETALK Center, so it will be easier to create minutes.

  • Create minutes at Pocketalk Center

    The translation history can be stored unlimited at the Pocketalk Center, up to 10,000.


    How to start the use of the Pocketalk CenterHere

  • Transport the translation result to email

    After registering the Pocketalk Center, you can easily send the translation history of the main unit by e -mail.
    It is convenient when creating English emails.