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Pocket Talk S Doraemon special set with global communication (2 years) PTSGD

Pocket Talk S Doraemon special set with global communication (2 years) PTSGD

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pocket talkComes with S main body, pouch, special case and screen protection sticker.

PokeTalk uses the most suitable engine for each language and always uses the latest engine on the cloud for translation. That's why we have achieved translation accuracy that is recognized even by native language instructors. Communication fees are included in the unit price, so there is no need for a line contract. You can use it right away without needing to set up Wi-Fi or other settings.

  • High-performance, compact, high-end model
  • Easy interpretation function just press the button and speak
  • Camera translation function that allows you to translate captured text
  • Convenient pronunciation practice function for language learning
  • AI conversation lesson function (English, Chinese)

set content

  • Body pouch
  • Dedicated case (clear)
  • USB charger
  • Screen protection seal
  • cable
  • manual

Precautions for use

About product

  • This product is a product that uses the Internet.
  • The software update of the main unit requires a Wi-Fi environment.
  • Because the AI ​​is used, the translation result may not be constant.
  • The screen may be changed depending on the update.
  • If the daily communication exceeds 100MB (equivalent to a translation of about 15 hours), the communication speed will be limited during the day.

About use in foreign countries

  • When using it in a foreign country, please use it in compliance with the laws of each country.
  • Please note that depending on the communication environment and radio waves, it may not be possible to temporarily use it.
  • If you use Wi-Fi in China, you need to switch to Chinese mode. Detail isHere Please check the page.

About support

  • Operations other than our designated SIM card are not supported.
  • We are not involved in the installation and operation of the communication environment performed by customers such as Wi-Fi connection, and we are not eligible for support.

Precautions before use

  • Please be sure to read the included instruction manual.
  • After launching this product, please note that refunds or exchanges as specified in the hardware warranty card will not be accepted.

About purchase on this site

  • You can check the delivery date from the order history.

Restrictions (support)

Hardware guarantee

  • Within one year from the date of purchase, if it breaks down in a normal use state according to the manual of this product, we will repair and replace it free of charge based on the contents described in this warranty. The warranty target is only the body part of the product, and the accessories are not the guarantee.
  • You need a purchase certificate and warranty.

Support service

  • We provide support by telephone, web, and email. However, support for the installation and operation of the communication environment is not eligible.

About wide extension warranty service

  • Guarantee period: Extended "12 months" to "36 months"
  • Guarantee range: Expand "natural failure only" to "falling and submerging"

See the wide extension warranty serviceHere

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  • 通訳機能

    • ボタンを押して話すだけの簡単操作



    • 世界74言語に対応


  • 発音練習機能

    • ポケトークで語学学習


    ポケトーク流 学習法
    • クオリティの高い発音



  • テキスト翻訳機能

    • カメラ翻訳機能



    • レストランでの注文や交通機関のご利用時にも便利


  • AI会話レッスン機能



    • 内容により、受け答えが変わる



    • さまざまなシーンの会話を事前練習