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Pocketalk Wide Extended Warranty Service (Normal version)

Pocketalk Wide Extended Warranty Service (Normal version)

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This is a service that provides a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase (shipment date of the purchased product) as an extension of the standard 12-month warranty.
You can apply for subscription to this service at the same time as purchasing the target product , or within 30 days after purchasing the target product.


  • With Pocketktalk S with global communication (2 years)
  • Pocketktalk S No global communication
  • POCEKTALK W Global Communication 2 years
  • Pocketktalk W No global communication
  • Pocketalk mimi

The guarantee target is only the body of "Pocketalk" and "Pocketalk Mimi", excluding accessories (such as cables).

For details of the target productHere

Service Terms of Service

To apply for the extended warranty service, you need to confirm the following service terms and accept.

Pocketank / Wide extended warranty service Terms of Service

Contents that are "not eligible" in the warranty

  • If your intentional or intentional or negligence of a third party other than the customer is damaged or stained
  • Wear due to depletion, deterioration, discoloration, etc. of the target terminal (including battery consumption)
  • Wear damage that is deteriorated in appearance such as scratches, dirt, and peeling of paint and does not affect the function of the target terminal itself
  • The target terminal is processed, modified, analyzed, (including modification, analysis of software (including routes, etc.), reverse engineering, reverse compilation, reverse average), or repairs that we do not consent. When did
  • When the warranty accident is caused by incorrect use of the target terminal
  • When the target accident has been damaged by the eruption of all electronic data, which was stored in the target terminal.
  • When the target accident is caused by computer virus disorders
  • When the target accident is caused by the intentional or serious negligence of the user of the target terminal that has been legitimate authority from the customer
  • When the target accident was caused by the flood due to an earthquake, eruption, tsunami, river flooding and leakage
  • When the target accident was caused by war, riots, or terrorism
  • When the target accident was caused by the exercise of public power by a country or local government, such as seizure
  • When the target accident is caused by nuclear fuel material, radioactive contamination
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  • Warranty content

    If it breaks down due to a targeted accident, the main unit will be repaired or replaced.


    Target accidents

    • Natural failure
    • Submerging
    • Other damage to the terminal due to accidental accident or partial damage


    In the case of natural failure, repair or replacement free of charge
    If replacement is required other than natural failure, a replacement fee of 5,500 yen is required
    If the wide extension warranty service has not been joined, the repair cost will be about 13,000 yen. (Average repair cost as of the end of May 2020)
    The repair cost is required separately.

  • Warranty period

    The warranty period is three years from the date of purchase (shipping date of purchased products).


    Number of guarantees used

    During the warranty period, you can receive a warranty service with the upper limit.

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