About global communication extension

Target: Model with global communication

Period: From one year before the due date to 363 days after the due date

    Model with global communication

  • POCKETALK S / S Plus
    Model with global communication

(Note) The software version must be 3.4.00/0.4.2 or more.
Update method

Three extensions that can be selected

  • It is easy to select an extension of the 1⃣ online procedure or 2⃣ prepaid cards until 363 days after the SIM expiration date.
  • 3⃣ In the extension of purchasing a new SIM, it is a method to physically replace the SIM and extend it after 364 days of the due date.
  • STEP1

    Access the communication extension page

  • STEP2

    Enter the unique number (IMEI)

    • Tap the icon on the upper left of the POCKETALK terminal screen and select "Information" from the "Settings" menu.
    • Please check "IMEI (built -in)" from the "Terminal Information" screen.
  • STEP3

    Select an extension period (2 weeks or 11 years)

    • If you select one year (with automatic update), you need to create a POCKETALK ID. One year later, the communication will be extended automatically. Payment is automatically withdrawn, so no special procedures are required. If you want to stop automatically, you can cancel at any time.
  • STEP4

    Check if you have been extended

    • If you purchase one year (with automatic update), with a POCKETALK IDLoginYou can check later.
    • If you purchase 2 weeks (no automatic renewal), you can check from the "communication plan" of the POCKETALK terminal.
  • STEP5

    Press and hold the power button to restart the pocket talk terminal

  • Reference information

  • Proper prices that are online
    • "One year (automatic update version)" is advantageous
    • We are offering at a price that is 10%higher than extension of prepaid card purchase
  • You can choose automatic update and make it easier
    • No renewal procedure is required from the next time
    • Extension fee is the cheapest (1 year conversion)
    • You can use it with confidence without worrying about expiration

Purchase a prepaid card and extend

Enter the Pin number (10 digits) or serial number (21 digits) printed on the prepaid card to extend it.

When using the "dedicated domestic SIM" model of "POCKETALK W"
"Exclusive SIM extension card (prepaid type)" is not available.
How to extendHere Please refer to Q & A.

It can also be purchased at electronics retailers nationwide.

Purchase a new SIM and extend it

It is necessary to install the SIM you purchased by yourself.


When will the deadline be reflected after the online extension?

It will be reflected immediately.

Can I issue a purchase certificate during the online extension procedure?

Please print and use the purchase completion screen.
Click "Send an email" on the purchase completion screen to send it to the email.

What if there is no internet environment and you can't access the "communication extension page"?

Please purchase "Exclusive Global SIM (2 years)".
Global communication can be used directly by inserting this SIM directly into the SIM slot of the POCKETALK itself.

What if you want to cancel the automatic update?

You can cancel at any time.
With POCKETALK IDLoginLater, you can complete the procedure from My Page.