Anxious points

Please be assured.

No network setting is required.

"Global Communications 2 Year - Built-in SIM Model" includes two years of communication costs in the purchase price.

Therefore, you can connect to the network immediately and use it all over the world just by turning on the power.

Please be assured that the purchase price of the main unit includes two years of communication costs, so additional network costs will not be charged for two years.

Pocketalk can be connected to WiFi with all products.

There are two types of Pocketalk.

The first model is "Global Communications 2 Year - Built-in SIM Model". This is a built -in global SIM, so you can use it all over the world by global communication connection without using WiFi.

It can also be used in WiFi.

The second model is "WiFi -SIM without SIM".

This can only be used with Wifi connection. If you want to use it easily without worrying about the WiFi environment, we recommend a global communication model.

The AI ​​interpreting machine "Pocketalk" is characterized by a higher customer satisfaction than the free translation app.

Mainly, "ease of use" and "high accuracy" have received good evaluations.

The “ease of use” of Pocketalk is overwhelmingly good.

The time to use is overwhelmingly faster than the app, and it is very easy to use because it can be used in a quick situation.

Just take it out of your pocket and press the button when you want to use it. All you have to do is press the button to the other foreigner.

In various situations, the ease of use that can be used for Sugu is a very important point, such as when it is necessary or urgently needed.

If you use a free app on your smartphone, take out the smartphone, start up, search for an app, start the app, and then translate it, so it takes a lot of time to start using it.

In fact, when traveling abroad or using it for work, the time it takes to start using this is a very important time, and the convenience that can be used for Sugu is a dedicated Pocketalk.

Next is "high accuracy". Pocketalk uses the best system combination in the procedure to translate words, and this combination is a unique Pocketalk.

In addition, there are excellent translation systems that are optimal for each language, and Pocketalk is particular about this combination and achieves the most accurate translation accuracy.

In addition, Pocketalk is equipped with an excellent "high -performance microphone" equipped with a "noise cancellation function".

The sound collection and noise cancellation level on the smartphone when using the app varies depending on the model, sometimes the earphone side has noise cancellation, and there are many cases where the microphone with a smartphone does not have noise cancellation function. 。 Pocketalk is equipped with an excellent microphone as a dedicated machine, and can maintain high translation accuracy with excellent sound -collecting voice -collection microphones such as overseas travel and outside customers.

What is the "Pocketalk Simultaneous Interpretation" of the present?

Overseas videos such as YouTube that have not been translated yet, online meetings in foreign languages, etc.
AI translation tool that translates the language of the speaker into a real -time native language.

The fun of the weekend will increase

Not translated

Lots of videos in the world

Completely free for one month

With license key benefits