~ Pocketalk Official online store ~ ​​Please introduce it!

If you are aiming for advertising revenue, start for free ~ Pocketalk Official Online Store -Affiliate! If you purchase a Pocketalk terminal via your site, we will pay you!

Affiliate is a banner or product image on your website, and via the link to the official online store -Pocket Talk If you buy the product, the referral fee (commission) according to the sales price (commission). ) This is a system that pays. Here, we will introduce the "Link Share Affiliate" operated by Link Share Japan.

  • After registering as a link share affiliate, we have a partnership with the Pocketalk Official online Store, and publish your favorite products on your blog and website.

  • A user who visits your blog or website purchases products from the Pocketalk Official online store via the banner and product image.

  • We will pay you to the reward according to the product amount you purchased via the link share Japan!

  • STEP1

    Free member registration for link share affiliates

    Please click the application button below and fill in the necessary information.

    After registration, we will review it by link share Japan, so it will take some time to complete.

    Click here to apply for the link share affiliate
  • STEP2

    ~ Pocket Talk Official Online Store -Application for partnership

    After registration to the link share affiliate is completed, please apply to the Pocketalk Official online store.

  • STEP3

    When the approval email arrives, create a link

    Link share Japan top pageLog in to the management screen more, select the Pocketalk Official online Store by "Link creation", select a link manuscript on your site from the banner, text, product link, etc., and create a link.

  • STEP4

    Check online reports

    From the link share Japan site management screen, you can check detailed reports such as daily, link type, and product type. While checking the best -selling products to achieve the results from which link manuscript, try to improve the results.

  • There is no membership fee!

    If you have a blog or a website, there is no cost to register for an affiliate program. Participation in the program requires registration for link sharing.

  • OK just to install a banner!

    We offer abundant banners according to the season and campaign. Just choose your favorite banner and put it on your blog or web site!

  • The reward rate is 5.0%of sales!

    The reward rate is 5.0 % of sales!
    If a user who has accessed this site from your blog or website purchases a product, the link share Japan will pay 5.0%of the sales as a reward.
    * In addition, the reward conditions may be changed, so please check the management screen for the latest reward.

After passing the member registration and screening of the link share affiliate, if the partnership with the POCKETALK Official online store is completed, let's prepare for the publication! Here, we will introduce tools that are useful for affiliates.

Convenient affiliate tool

Information for beginners

Link -share Japan site offers frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any questions, please take a look!

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To participate, you need to register for link share Japan.
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